How much do the affiliation dues cost? How long is the affiliation for? The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) has the lowest annual affiliation fee of any professional association in any jurisdiction engaged in any field related to human movement. We were able to achieve this because the CKA is constantly reviewing our program and services. The annual fees cover affiliation for the civic year. Thus, regardless of when you join, the renewal date is January 1 and expiry date is December 31 of each year.

Since 2018, the CKA has been collecting membership fees for the provinces of SK for the KAS, MB for the MKA, NB for the NBKA, NS for the KANS, PEI for the KPEI, and NL for the NLKA at the same time as the CKA affiliation fees. Membership fees for these provincial associations vary. They are then handed over to the provincial associations for their usage. CKA affiliation fees for a Kinesiologist practising in these provinces are $ 45.00 in 2023 and will be indexed to the CPI (approximately 2%) annually thereafter. This procedure allows these PKAs to offer you an online service through the CKA.*

For Kinesiologists in BC, ON, AB, and QC, the CKA affiliation fee is $45.00 in 2023 and will be indexed to the CPI (approximately 2%) annually thereafter. You must first settle your membership in your provincial kinesiology association (PKA) and then continue through to purchase your insurance coverage and ultimately your affiliation to the CKA. This procedure will automatically take you from the website of your PKA to the site of the insurer who will charge the affiliation fees to the CKA.

Kinesiologists in the Territories must directly become an affiliated member of the CKA. CKA affiliation fees in 2023 are $85.00.*

For academia affiliation, the affiliation fees in 2023 are $85.00.*

Memberships that are not paid (non-refundable, nor pro-rated) or that lack necessary documents (including proof of insurance from PROLINK, CKA partner) will not be processed.

Please contact your provincial kinesiology association in order to benefit from our partner's preferred rates for the purchase or renewal of your professional insurance.

In 2020, membership fees for provincial associations varied by category. For an active Kinesiologist, here are the rates by province for provincial membership (before taxes) only: BCAK ($300), AKA ($275), MKA ($50), OKA ($255), FKQ ($135), NBKA ($130), KPEI ($55), KANS ($50), NLKA ($56). Subject to change without notice.

*All fees mentioned above are subject to a $3.00 administration fee, plus applicable taxes and a 3% transaction fee.

Become affiliated or renew your CKA affiliation.