Membership Fees and Schedule

All provincial kinesiology association memberships and their CKA affiliations renew December 31, for annual memberships of January - December, regardless of when you join. The renewal period begins in November each year. You must join the provincial kinesiology association in which you work or live. The difference in prices is based on various factors, such as membership base, programs and activities offered. etc.

This is the current membership fee schedule by province:

  • British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists - $300
  • Alberta Kinesiology Association - $275
  • Kinesiology Association of Saskatchewan - $78.73
  • Manitoba Kinesiology Association - $50
  • Ontario Kinesiology Association - $255
  • Federations des Kinesiologues du Quebec - $135
  • Kinesiology Association of Nova Scotia - $50
  • New Brunswick Kinesiology Association - $102.43
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Kinesiology Association - $56
  • Kinesiology PEI - $100

In addition to the membership fee, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance charges an affiliation fee of $45.00.

Beginning in 2024, all provinces will be collecting the CKA affiliation fee along with membership fees.

Other membership fees:

  • Academic affiliation - $85
  • Territories affiliation - $85
  • Students in SK, MB, NS, NL - Free

All fees mentioned above are subject to a $3.00 administration fee, plus applicable taxes and a 3% transaction fee.

Become affiliated or renew your CKA affiliation.