Process for request from foreign applicants

Since affiliation to the CKA depends on the province in which a Kinesiologist is practicing, a foreigh applicant should first decide in which province he is interested in practicing and then follow the following instructions according to the chosen province:


  1. Ontario (OKA):

Ontario is the only legislated province thus one must be recognized by the College of Kinesiology of Ontario . Visit
The Provincial Kinesiology Association is OKA . visit :


  1. Quebec (FKQ):

For diplomas obtained outside Canada, the "Comparative Evaluation of Studies Outside Canada", issued by the Department of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion, is required.



  1. British Columbia (BCAK):

First is a foreign credential evaluation: with a full breakdown of courses and grades. As schools outside of Canada often don't have full programs in kinesiology,


It is required to have completed the 4 core subjects: Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics and Motor Control/Learning.  Foreign trained applicants all have to write and pass a competency exam covering these subjects. 


Also assess is english language proficiency
(could be French if it was in a province where medical services are provided in French.) 


Full details can be found here. See pathways 2b and 2c.


  1. Other Provinces: 

Official final transcript (translated and notarized into English or French)
Full course descriptions for each course on their transcript (again notarized and translated)
TOEFL or equivalent if their country of original did not have English as a first language

Then courses would be evaluate based on descriptions from known good equivalents from Canadian universities to see if they had taken similar courses to qualify


Become affiliated or renew your CKA affiliation