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Can Kin Services be reimbursed by Insurance?

Kinesiologists are Key Members of Health Care Teams. Insurance Companies are recognising the status of Kinesiologists in some provinces. One must request to add Kinesiology to your firm’s extended benefits package.

For extended health benefit packages, Kinesiologists provide wellness, disease and injury prevention, and rehabilitation, all in one professional. As part of extended health benefits, kinesiology services can reduce disability claims, getting workers back on the job faster, avoiding expensive long-term disability claims. With the growing body of evidence of the critical importance that exercise and physical activity plays in the prevention and management of chronic disease and injury, Kinesiologists are becoming key members of health care teams.

Kinesiologists have the skills to treat many of the most common conditions workers face – keeping your team happier, healthier and more productive.

A growing body of evidence points to the direct link between physical health and workplace performance. Healthier employees come to work more often, take fewer sick days, work more effectively and file fewer WSIB claims. Promoting good physical health through preventative exercise keeps your team working hard day in and day out. By adding Kinesiology to your extended benefits package, you can help your team work healthier, happier and harder.

In some province, the following Insurance companies offer certain policies covering kinesiology expenses (to date) :

Ask your insurance company if the kinesiology fees are refunded. If they are not, request documentation and template  letter for clientletter for employer to give to your employer and / or your insurance company to apply for inclusion of kinesiology services in your insurance plan.