How do I keep in touch? 

If you are a member of your provincial kinesiology association and a CKA Affiliated Kinesiologist, we assume you have provided your implied consent with your recent application or membership renewal. As a result, the CKA will send you electronic notices, eNewsletters, and eInvitations.

Your implied consent allows us to pass on your data to our business partners such as suppliers and sponsors. Your provided contact information may be used by these suppliers and sponsors for commercial purposes. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking Unsubscribe.

As you complete the application form, you will be asked to give three types of consent:

  1. Consent to receive information electronically from the CKA such as but not limited to notice of meetings, journal, eNewsletters, promotional tool kits for Kin Week, and NHFD.

  2. Consent to permit the CKA to release your information to sponsors, partners, and third party firms (e.g., the insurance broker) for the sole purpose of providing direct affiliation services. Your information may be shared with third parties whose products and/or services may be of interest to you as a Kinesiologist. Please note that all third party requests are reviewed by the CKA / ACK to determine if they are appropriate before the list is shared. An example of a list share/sell usage would be a private company or association offering courses/educational seminars that are applicable to kinesiology.

  3. Consent to publish your information as an Affiliated Kinesiologist in CKA publications such as but not limited to journal, eNewsletters, website, CKA Affiliated Kinesiologist directory.

UNSUBSCRIBE: Send notice via if you do not wish to receive information by email. For more information, call 844-KINESIO.


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